aHmoI is My ALIn

this is my dearest!!my little grandma just turn 19 and still amazingly look younger than we thought!hahah!! NAZLIN BT RIDUAN or ALIN,thats what we called her since the they we met..best bud kt maktab n untill now , still going craze!!she does look like chinese and yes sumtimes people do called her amoi..hihi..


dulu is ese x ingt mesti kene blasah kt minah ni..huhu..this little one is brutal but sweet..hahha..


i will always pray n wishing you to have a blast  and problem free in ur life
(since u r the troublemaker for certain reason 0-0")

p/s: remember the contract that we signed n syimok played as the witness?? 

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AARRGH ! ITS ME ! said...

happy birthday to her saya dah follow kamu .. kamu follow saya jugak yer :)


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